MyCourts User Manual
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Online Options

Online Options
Once you have your Club's web service online you can configure various options to suit your Club's specific needs.


1. Save
Click to Save your changes.

New Members Category

2. New Members Category
Anyone is able to view your online web service providing they have 'signed up'. This sign up process is automated and ensures that each visitor to your web site at least has an email address that they can be contacted on.
Note that signing up is not necessarily the same as joining or obtaining membership.
You can create a new category of 'membership' within MyCourts and then have all new users assigned to that category.
The welcome message automatically sent to all new users can be edited to reflect your choice.

New Members Rate

3. New Members Rate
Select the Membership Rate that will apply to new members who signup via the internet site.

Display Hirer Name

4. Display Hirer Name
Display the hirer's name on your web's facility tables.
Note: In some countries the display of your hirer's name could be considered both a security risk and also contravene Privacy Laws.

New User Signup

5. New User Signup
Toggle to allow non-members to signup and use the on-line web service.
As a security precaution, MyCourts requires at least a users email address to be confirmed before allowing them to reserve facilities online and make bookings, payments etc.
The on-line registration service will send a new user an email which they will need to respond to before they can access your web service.
Reminder: If your member does not use their assigned Username and Password then a new account / membership will be opened.

Payment Information

6. Payment Information
If you tick this option, the text you have entered via the Online Page Editor will be displayed immediately below the Cancel Booking button in the Payment Method popup window.

Allow User Update

7. Allow User Update
Toggle this option off [] and the 'Update Details' button will be hidden.
The menu option will also be hidden.

User Email Confirmed

8. User Email Confirmed
The member's email address is automatically confirmed when a user creates their account online but should be confirmed manually before allowing them to access the web site. This ensures MyCourts can properly advise the member of bookings, payments, cancellations etc.

Forward Reservations

9. Forward Reservations
Enter the number of days hence that online users will be able to make a reservation.

Set Time Restrictions

10. Set Time Restrictions
You can configure MyCourts Online web service to hide the ability to make a reservation by a online user to specific times of the day. Clicking this button will open a window where you can enable and configure these restrictions.

Hire Payment Methods

11. Hire Payment Methods
Tick the methods of payment available to hirers.