MyCourts User Manual
Version v

Point of Sale

MyCourts Point of Sale facilities are designed to be easy to use whilst giving you the ability to keep accurate financial records.
Entering and recording sales is a matter of a couple of mouse clicks away with court hire fees being accurately calculated and inserted into sales transactions automatically.
There are excellent reporting tools available to you with a myriad of customizable reports being able to be printed or saved in a host of formats.
The csv capabilities of the reports makes transfer of data from MyCourts to your accounting program easy.
Bookings are normally paid for by Casual Hirers at the time of the booking and hence you will be taken directly to the POS window as soon as the booking has been accepted by MyCourts. If the payment is deferred, then normally payment will be made at the time of play. Clicking on the booking in the Facility Window (it will have a red background if it is unpaid) will allow you to quickly accept and record the payment.
Alternatively, outstanding accounts for members can be viewed and paid for from the Membership Window whilst payments from outstanding Casual bookings can be made either from the Facility Window itself or the Payments Window.