MyCourts User Manual
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Network Setup

Network Setup
For an overview of MyCourts Networking please refer to the Networking section.

Change Mode or DB Location

1. Change Mode or DB Location
Configuring MyCourts to run on a network is handled using a wizard style interface. You configure each installation of MyCourts by using this wizard interface which is accessed by clicking this button.
You will have the option of configuring this computer as a Server, a Client or as a Standalone mode installation. The default installation is Standalone.
When using MyCourts in a network environment, one computer must be configured to run in Server mode as it is the Server that performs all the daily maintenance of the database, log files etc. Ideally, the Server copy of MyCourts will be installed on a machine that runs 24/7. All other copies of MyCourts running on other machines must be configured to run in Client mode.
You can also move the location of your database using the wizard interface.
Each copy of MyCourts will be installed with it's own database. The database consists of several folders and files as well as at least 2 database files. In a networked environment only one of these databases must be accessed by all copies of MyCourts running on your LAN. When moving/copying the database, make sure you don't accidentally overwrite the active database with an unused database from a Client or Standalone installation.

Remove Computer

2. Remove Computer
If a computer exists in the list below and it no longer has MyCourts installed on it, click this button to remove the reference to that computer in the database.


3. Details
The name of the current computer, the currently selected operating mode as well as the location of the database it is using is displayed in this window. In addition, a list of all other computers on your LAN that have MyCourts installed on them will be displayed for your information.