MyCourts User Manual
Version v

MCA Web Services

MyCourts Web Services configuration and options are accessed via this window.
You need to complete both General Setup Pages as well as the web service or services that you will be using. You can use both Offline and Online services if you wish however this is not recommended as your members and guests may well find the two interfaces confusing and at times contradictory (because of the time difference in updating the web pages).
The Online Service's web pages and emails content are configured in this section as well.
Finally, advice and guidance on configuring your computers hardware and software to enable access to the web is provided.
MyCourts is bundled with it's own internal web server. Do not install any web server on your computer as it will conflict with MyCourts.
MyCourts web server normally requires exclusive use of port 80 for communicating with the web. If you cannot connect to MyCourts using http://localhost in your favorite browser, please check that Skype is not running on your computer. You may need to configure Skype to share port 80.
It is also possible to use another port if necessary.